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The purpose of The Radical Truth podcast is simple: we want to search out the radical nature of the truth as revealed in God’s Word, the Bible, and learn about Jesus our wonderful, loving Savior. We also want to learn on how to live out this radical faith that Jesus created. Each podcast is roughly 30 minutes and features the fiery teaching of Glenn Meldrum. At times he will debut a song written and performed by young Christian musicians. Subscribe to this podcast so you won’t miss a single episode.

The Book of Acts

Book of Acts Part 37 – 15:4-29

This lesson from Acts 15 is about the first church council that convened to settle a major dispute that rose up in the early church. This is an important event because it shows how the early church dealt with problems, and by working through them, were able to clarify what is sound doctrine.

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Book of Acts Part 36 – 14:19-15:3

In this lesson we will study the revival that came to Lystra and the persecution that broke out, where Paul was stoned to death. Some believers gathered around him and he came back to life. Then Paul and Barnabas went to Derbe and the revival spread through that city. The two apostles then traveled to their home church in Antioch, Syria. This was a very exciting time for Paul and Barnabas.

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Book of Acts Part 35 – 13:48-14:18

Paul and Barnabas were forced to move their missionary work to Iconium because of persecution. In that ancient city in Asia Minor revival broke out, but eventually they were forced to leave there because of persecution. From there they went to Lystra and Derbe where the revival spread. In Lystra the Lord healed a man that was born a cripple and had never walked. Zeus was the patron deity of the city and the people thought that Barnabas was Zeus and Paul was Hermes. That made for one exciting meeting to say the least.

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Book of Acts Part 34 – 13:28-48

This is a continuation of the study examining the message Paul preached in a synagogue in Asia Minor. This was a soul stirring, mind shocking sermon that simultaneously produced authentic revival and persecution. This happened in Antioch of Pisidia and this is where a major change came to the missionary work of Paul and Barnabas. Don't miss this teaching.

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Book of Acts Part 33 – 13:8-27

This is the very interesting account of the confrontation between Paul and Elymas, a sorcerer. This lesson also includes the account of the missionary team going from Cyprus to Asia minor where Mark abandons the brothers to go back to Jerusalem. This is a very challenging lesson.

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Book of Acts Part 32 – 13:1-7

This lesson begins looking at Paul's first missionary journey. We will see his call to the mission field, along with Barnabas, and how that came about. They will take with them John Mark, who is said to be the author of the Gospel of Mark. How people are called by God and what that looks like will be included in this study.

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Book of Acts Part 31 – 12:6-25

This is the account of the apostle Peter's miraculous escape from prison. It's an exciting, humorous and tragic story. It's also one that is sure to stir your faith, so don't miss it.

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Book of Acts Part 30 – 11:24-12:5

The portion of Scripture we will be looking at will cover a few events. First, we will look at Barnabas, who was used of God to minister in Antioch, Syria. He then seeks after Paul who is in Tarsus and Barnabas takes him to Antioch where they labor together for a year of fruitful ministry. A prophecy was given that famine was coming to Judah and Barnabas and Paul took an offering to those who were suffering. During this time Herod Agrippa murdered James, the brother of John, whom Jesus called the Sons of Thunder. Herod then arrested Peter and put him in prison. A big surprise was coming, for the king didn't take into account the power of a praying church that would upset all his plans. There are some powerful truths that we will dig into in this lesson, so don't miss it.

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Book of Acts Part 29 – 10:47-11:23

The repercussions of some Gentiles, or non-Jews, becoming followers of Messiah sent shock waves through Israel and into other nations. Peter went to Jerusalem to give his testimony about how those Gentiles came to Christ without first converting to Judaism. The evidence Peter gave was that they had not only converted to Christ, but had been baptized in the Holy Spirit like the 120 disciples experienced on the Day of Pentecost. What was the evidence that proved they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit? They spoke in other tongues. This is a really interesting lesson.

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Book of Acts Part 28 – 10:36-46

This lesson is about the conversion of Cornelius and all those who were at his house to hear what Peter had to say to them. As Peter was preaching to them they were all baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. This is an exciting message and shows us what God wants to do today in baptizing people in the Holy Spirit. God is alive and well and He is still doing miracles and baptizing people in the Holy Spirit!

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Book of Acts Part 27 – 10:17-35

This lesson is on the extremely important story of how the Lord opened the door for salvation to come to Gentiles, or non-Jews. This is far more radical that we can understand from our modern culture. We get to see how important it is to obey the Lord, even when we don't understand what He is doing. He will do great things through those who trust and obey.

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Book of Acts Part 26 – 9:36-10:16

We will finish studying Acts chapter 9, which ends with the second account of Peter being used to perform a miracle while on a preaching tour. This time it is a woman being raised from the dead. We will then look at the powerful impact miracles have in bringing people to salvation. Then we will begin looking at chapter 10, which is extremely important in the life of the church since it records how the Lord opened the door for the salvation of Gentiles or non-Jews. This is a great message, so don't miss it.

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Book of Acts Part 25 – 9:17-35

We are in the portion of Acts chapter 9 that goes into Paul's actual conversion and what that looked like. Salvation not only comes through Christ alone, but there is only one kind of salvation and we see this lived out in Paul. He was a New Testament believer. It is of the utmost importance that we return to the Biblical model of salvation and forsake America Christianity that by and large is a perversion of the real thing. The podcast will end looking a Peter being used to heal a lame man. This is a good lesson.

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Book of Acts Part 24 – 9:1-16

The portion of Acts chapter 9 that we will be studying will bring us to the point where Saul, whom we know by his Greek name Paul, is brought to the brink of salvation. This is an exciting story and a powerful example of the work of the Holy Spirit that we need in the church today.

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Book of Acts Part 23 – 8:28-40

This lesson is about the conversion of an Ethiopian who was the nation's treasurer. It's a wonderful example of what true salvation looks like and what we should be seeking the Lord to do in our nation. As an added bonus we are given a peek at the rapture. You will have to listen to understand what I mean by that.

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