Church Triumphant

This sermon by Glenn Meldrum comes out of Revelation 12 verses 11 and 17. He effectively lays out the spiritual battle that Christians face and some of the foremost reasons why Christians live defeated lives. He then unfolds the means of victory that is freely available to any believer that is willing to fight this good fight of faith. Pastors requesting information about IHP Ministries receive this message as an introduction to Glenn Meldrum’s ministry.


Glenn Meldrum, in this sermon, presses home what it means to be truly devoted to Jesus. The compromise the American church is living is a far cry from the faith Jesus founded 2000 years ago. By looking at the life of the early church Glenn presents the beauty and power of Biblical Christianity that is available for true saints to live today.


The glorious mystery of the indwelling Christ is the subject of this sermon by Glenn Meldrum. You will laugh and cry as you listen to this dynamic message. Most importantly, you will learn how to let Christ be unveiled in you. Jesus did not found a defeated faith. Yet the faith He calls us to live is impossible unless He lives in and through us. What a privilege that Jesus would make His home in the hearts of repentant sinners.

Time for War

This sermon comes out of Psalms 144:1-5. Glenn addresses the fact that every Christian is in a spiritual war whether they like it or not. We will either live the victorious Christian life or that of a defeated individual. In this message you will learn how to walk in the victory Jesus purchased for us and that David poetically portrays.

I Know You

In this soul searching message by Glenn Meldrum you will be confronted by the fact that God knows you. Using Revelation chapters two and three he addresses the problem we so often have–that we do not know ourselves. This is why we are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit searching our hearts so we can know what is deep inside of us. Without this divine searching we will remain in our sins. Because God knows and loves us perfectly He convicts us so we would know the eternal joy of dwelling with Him.

Josiah’s Reform

King Josiah’s reformation is the topic of Glenn’s sermon. In this message you will learn what brought revival to Judah in the days of this godly king. The reason is clear and if we will learn from this historical revival we can prepare the way for God to bring revival to us. This is not a message for those who want a lukewarm faith. But for those who yearn for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit there are some wonderful truths presented here for your gleaning and fruitful application.

Living Sacrifice

In this simple, yet powerful sermon Glenn expounds upon Romans 12:1-2. You will learn about the power of surrender, what it means not to be conformed to the world and how we experience the renewing of our minds. With the application of these truths to the life we are sure to know God’s good and pleasing will. This is practical Christianity that can be revolutionary to the individual.