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Classic Preachers

Paris Reidhead-Ten Shekels and a Shirt

Paris Reidhead preached this powerful sermon that is sure to shake your life if you have ears to hear. God is to be the supreme motive in our lives and in our desire for the move of the Spirit. You will not be sorry for listening to this sermon.

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Duncan Campbell-When God Stepped Down

Duncan Campbell was the evangelist of the Hebrides Awakening, which are islands off the coast of Scotland. He gives eyewitness testimony to the profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit and outlines how the revival came into being. This sermon is powerful, soul stirring and provoking. Those hungry for revival must listen to this sermon.

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Mary Peckham and the Hebrides Awakening

This is Mary Peckham's personal testimony about the Hebrides Awakening. The Hebrides Awakening was one of the most powerful revivals in modern times. It was free from superstar celebrities and the works of the flesh that define so much of what is called revival in our time. Mary was saved in the revival towards its beginning so she is able to give credible testimony to the outpouring of the Spirit in this historic revival.

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Leonard Ravenhill-Spirit of a True Prophet

This message by Leonard Ravenhill is a classic. Ravenhill was a true prophet that called America to repent. This sermon is in true Ravenhill form. It will stir your soul and convict your conscience.

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