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The Radical Truth

The purpose of The Radical Truth podcast is simple: we want to search out the radical nature of the truth as revealed in God’s Word, the Bible, and learn about Jesus our wonderful, loving Savior. We also want to learn on how to live out this radical faith that Jesus created. Each podcast is roughly 30 minutes and features the fiery teaching of Glenn Meldrum. At times he will debut a song written and performed by young Christian musicians. Subscribe to this podcast so you won’t miss a single episode.

Counting the Cost

Counting the Cost

Today's podcast will be a little different. Rather then recording a teaching as I normally do, I want to share with you a sermon I preached that shook the church. The message is about counting the cost. We need to not only count the cost to be a New Testament Christian but to count the cost of our sin. This message will shake your life if you have ears to hear.

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