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Spiritual Warfare

Gospel of Luke Part 49 – 9:37-45

The account we will study in this lesson happened right after Christ’s transfiguration when He came out of the mountain with Peter, James and John. The disciples not could cast the demon out of a boy, so the father waited for Jesus to return, not knowing how long that would be. When Jesus returned to the disciples camp, He was immediately plunged into ministering to the people. That’s when the desperate man begged Jesus to cast the demon out of the boy, and that is what Jesus did.

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James 1:13-16 Part 4

James 1:13-16 are the focus of part four in our study of this powerful epistle. We will study in this episode a few of God’s attributes that when misunderstood causes people to be angry at Him. We will also dig into the spiritual truths about temptation and the importance of this subject should be self-evident. This message will be a tremendous help to you if you have ears to hear.

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The Gospel of John Part 67 – Jn. 19:10-25

John 19:10-25 focus upon the final events of Jesus trial before Pilate and His being crucified. In John’s account of Christ’s crucifixion he isn’t trying to repeat everything the other Gospels teach, but is supplementing the account so that putting them all together we have a full picture of what happened. The truths we learn in this portion of Scripture are a necessary part of what true followers of Jesus must know.

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The Gospel of John Part 60 – Jn. 16:23-33

In this podcast we will study John 16 verses 23 to the end of the chapter. This portion of Scripture is Christ’s final admonishments to the disciples before He is crucified. The two primary subjects of this section of the Bible is prayer and victory over the world. Both are an integral part of living the victorious Christian life. Because Jesus was and is the absolute victor we can pray to the Father in His name and walk in the victory He owns by right as Creator and Redeemer.

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The Gospel of John Part 49 – Jn. 13:35-14:3

In this study we begin looking at John 13:35, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This very challenging verse presents to us the mark of a true follower of Jesus and we will learn what this means. Then we will move on to chapter 14:1-3 and dig into what Jesus meant by His statement, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” Then we will close out the podcast highlighting the theme of verses two and three that are about a longing for heaven. This is a very moving lesson, so don’t miss it.

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