Entries by Glenn Meldrum

Gospel of Luke Part 18 – 5:12-15

In these verses we will study the account of Jesus healing a leper that comes to Him and asks, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus’ response is wonderful, “I am willing.” This is the heart of God that’s willing to heal the worst of the worst. This lesson is sure to encourage your heart and boost your faith.

Gospel of Luke Part 17 – 4:43-5:12

In this lesson we will cover a lot of ground. We will finish studying the Lord’s visit to Capernaum and what happens when He leaves. Then we will examine Peter’s call to follow Jesus. Finally, we will begin looking at the account of a leper that begs Jesus to heal him. There are some great lessons to be learned from this podcast.

Gospel of Luke Part 16 – 4:31-42

In this lesson we will see a very different response to the preaching and ministry of Jesus from the people of Capernaum to those of Nazareth. The people of Capernaum were very receptive to Jesus, and as a result, they saw the Lord perform some wonderful miracles. You will be encouraged by this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 15 – 4:18-30

When Jesus visited His hometown He didn’t get a very good reception from the religious Jews. In fact, they tried to kill Him. In this message you will find out why they wanted to kill Him and what He was offering them that they rejected.

Gospel of Luke Part 14 – 4:17-18

This lesson will look at the Radical Jesus making a very bold declaration in His hometown synagogue. Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1 and then proclaimed that He was the fulfillment of that prophesy about the promised Messiah. We will also look at how this prophesy speaks to the life of those who are true followers of Jesus. This is a good lesson so don’t miss it.

Gospel of Luke Part 13 – 4:14-16

As I was preparing this lesson it went in an unexpected direction. Revival became the stirring message of this podcast. This is a must listen to for anyone that wants revival or comprehends that there is more to our faith then what they have yet seen. Please, don’t miss this moving message.

Gospel of Luke Part 12 – 4:9-13

In this lesson we will study the third temptation of Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. How this temptation relates to us is enlightening and practical. Jesus made the way that we can overcome the devil through the grace and power He freely offers us. This lesson is important for minsters to listen to since there are some profound truths that relate to them.

Gospel of Luke Part 11 – 4:3-8

In this lesson we will study the first two of three temptations Jesus went through according to the Gospel of Luke. Since Jesus was tempted in every way as we are, yet was without sin, He is able to help us in our time of need. There are some very practical truths about living the victorious Christian life in the this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 9 – 3:19-23

In this lesson we will examine John the Baptist’s imprisonment and his water baptism of Christ. Why Jesus was baptized in water will be part of this study and what happened at this momentous event. There is some good spiritual food to feast on in this teaching.

Gospel of Luke Part 8 – 3:12-18

What did the preaching of John the Baptist produce? Repentance! In this lesson we will look at some of the evidence that comes out of true repentance. Luke records three groups of people going to John and asking what they should do? He gave them practical answers on how to live out what it means to repent. This is a good lesson for each of us.

Gospel of Luke Part 6 – 3:5-7

In this lesson we will finish studying the prophesy that Luke quotes from Isaiah 40 that was fulfilled in John the Baptist. There is a second way this prophesy is fulfilled and that is for God’s people to put into action what the prophesy teaches. We also started looking at the beginning of John’s sermon and it was a fiery one that’s worth knowing and understanding. Enjoy!

Gospel of Luke Part 5 – 3:4-5

In this lesson we will begin examining the message of John the Baptizer. His message is summarized in Isaiah 40 that is a prophesy about the one who would prepare the way for Messiah. Luke quotes this prophesy in chapter three, verses three through six. The prize of this prophesy is the promise that if we will prepare the way, then God will to come to us and we can freely go to Him. What it means to prepare the way is an important part of this stirring lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 4 – 2:51-3:4

In verses 51 and 52 of the second chapter of Luke we will study such subjects as why Jesus was called a Nazarene and what it means that Mary “treasured all these things in her heart.” Then in the first two verses of chapter three we will examine the introduction to John the Baptist’s ministry. In verses three and four we will learn why John the Baptizer was so important to preparing the way for Jesus to become our atoning sacrifice.

Gospel of Luke Part 3 – 2:41-50

In this lesson we will focus upon Luke’s account of Jesus as a boy going to the Temple in Jerusalem to talk with experts in the Mosaic Law. As a historian extraordinaire, Luke must have gotten this story directly from Mary. There are some very interesting points and powerful truths that we will dig into from this event.

Gospel of Luke Part 2 – 1:1-4; 2:40

In part two of our new series on the Gospel of Luke we will dig into a couple of more introductory ideas about the author and the book. Then we will examine the first four verses that are an introduction to the work that addressed to a Roman government official. We will then jump over to the second chapter and study verse 40. We are skipping the story of Christ’s birth so that we can return to it as we get near the Christmas season.

Gospel of Luke Part 1 – Introduction

This is the introduction to the Gospel of Luke, which is the book of the New Testament that we will be studying. Though this isn’t a life changing lesson, it is very interesting and will help us understand the author of this wonderful account of the life of Christ.

First John 5:17-21 Part 35

We will examine the last five verses of First John and this will conclude our study on this awesome letter from the Apostle John. In these verses we will dig into the subjects of sin, victory and remaining faithful to Christ. This is a great way to end this series.

First John 5:13-16 Part 34

The apostle John addresses in the verses we are studying the assurance of salvation and how that effects our prayer life. We will also begin looking at having compassion for a brother or sister in Christ that is wandering from the faith.

First John 5:9-12 Part 33

The four verses we will study in this lesson deals with the divinity of Christ, the Trinity and our response to this revelation knowledge. This truth has come to us through salvation history and His Word. There are some very challenging thoughts presented in this lesson.

First John 5:6-8 Part 32

Throughout John’s first epistle he has been teaching theology, but from the every-day-man’s approach. In the verses we will study in this lesson, he will get a little more formal in defending the divinity and humanity of Christ. This lesson is both interesting and challenging.

First John 5:2-5 Part 31

Love and faith are the subjects in this lesson. It is important that we understand these two integral components of Biblical Christianity. Since our salvation is defined and determined by God, it is rather important that we know what He has to say on the matter. Our opinions are of no value when it comes to salvation and eternity.

First John 4:19-5:1 Part 30

This lesson comes out of First John 4:19-5:1. John continues his discourse on love and presses home what it means to be a genuine follower of Jesus. One key evidence that we have truly been born again is that we begin to love others like Jesus loves us, which is selflessly and sacrificially. This is a good and timely message.

First John 4:16-18 Part 29

Love, faith, fear and our final judgment are the subjects we will dig into in this lesson out of First John 4:16-18. This practical and relevant teaching is something every Christian needs to understand and put into practice, so don’t miss this lesson.