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Gospel of Luke Part 31 – 2:40-52 and 6:24

There are two parts to this lesson. The first is finishing Luke chapter 2 where we will look at the only Biblical account of Jesus as a young boy. The second is our returning to Luke chapter 6 where we stopped two months ago to study the Christmas story during the Christmas season. In chapter 6 of Luke we will look at one very challenging verse, which is the 24th where Jesus said, “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.” Don’t miss this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 30 – 2:31-39

We will look at two godly people that were in the Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus was being dedicated to God 40 days after He was born. The first we began to study in our last episode and this is Simeon and the second is Anna. There are some wonderful truths about the faith that we will examine in this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 29 – 2:15-30

This is a continuation of the Christmas story. We will finish looking at the shepherds that went to see Jesus. Then we will move on to what happens during the next month after our Savior’s birth. The first event was His circumcision and the second was His dedication in the Temple in Jerusalem along with Mary’s purification. There are some practical principles that come out in this lesson that will help anyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus.

Gospel of Luke Part 28 – 2:1-14

We are studying the birth of Christ in this lesson. We will also get into the shepherds being visited by a host of angel that told them Messiah had just been born in Bethlehem. This is a fun story that’s packed full of some great truths about the Christmas story.

Gospel of Luke Part 27 – 1:56-80

We are still in the midst of the Christmas story in this lesson. The birth of John is the primary focus in this study. John is the cousin of Jesus who would one day be the prophet who prepares the way for Messiah. There’s a lot of truth presented on the Christmas story that many aren’t familiar with, so listen and learn. Merry Christmas!!!

Gospel of Luke Part 26 – 1:34-55

This lesson continues to examine the Christmas story according to Luke. We begin by studying Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel and her visit to her cousin Elizabeth. We will then look at what happens when these two women of God meet and how the Lord is glorified through it. There is a lot of good and exciting theology in this lesson, along with the hope of Christ coming into the world.

Gospel of Luke Part 25 – 1:18-33

As we study the Christmas story in this lesson we will look at what happened to Zechariah when the angel Gabriel visited him. Then we will study Mary’s response to Gabriel’s greeting. There is a big contrast between the two and some good lessons to be learned.

Gospel of Luke Part 24 – 1:5-17

This lesson is the beginning of the Christmas story according to Gospel of Luke. We will concentrate on the birth of John, who is known as the Baptizer. He was the forerunner that was prophesied about as a sign of Messiah coming to His people. This is a fun lesson, so don’t miss it.

Gospel of Luke Part 23 – 6:17-23

In this lesson we will begin digging into the first extensive teaching of Christ’s in Luke’s Gospel account. Though it has certain similarities with the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7, it is a separate teaching event. Jesus is teaching some really good stuff here so don’t miss it.

Gospel of Luke Part 21 – 6:1-5

In this lesson we will examine the confrontation Jesus had with some Pharisees. The context of this dispute is in relation to the Pharisees’ legalistic ideas about the Sabbath. Jesus makes some remarkable claims that must have shaken those religious leaders. This is an interesting and thought provoking study.

Gospel of Luke Part 20 – 5:27-39

The account of Matthew’s call to discipleship and conversion is the subject of this lesson. This is a wonderful expression of true salvation coming to a man that lived an ungodly life. You will be encouraged by this podcast. You can subscribe for free to this podcast through iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein and Blubrry, just to name a few.

Gospel of Luke Part 19 – 5:16-26

The historical account we will examine in this lesson is about the healing of a paralytic man. At this preaching event the Pharisees and experts in the Mosaic Law came in judgment of Jesus. Of course, Jesus rises to the occasion by healing the paralytic and silencing the religious rulers with a very simple, yet logical argument. This is a great story to teach about.

Gospel of Luke Part 18 – 5:12-15

In these verses we will study the account of Jesus healing a leper that comes to Him and asks, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus’ response is wonderful, “I am willing.” This is the heart of God that’s willing to heal the worst of the worst. This lesson is sure to encourage your heart and boost your faith.

Gospel of Luke Part 17 – 4:43-5:12

In this lesson we will cover a lot of ground. We will finish studying the Lord’s visit to Capernaum and what happens when He leaves. Then we will examine Peter’s call to follow Jesus. Finally, we will begin looking at the account of a leper that begs Jesus to heal him. There are some great lessons to be learned from this podcast.

Gospel of Luke Part 16 – 4:31-42

In this lesson we will see a very different response to the preaching and ministry of Jesus from the people of Capernaum to those of Nazareth. The people of Capernaum were very receptive to Jesus, and as a result, they saw the Lord perform some wonderful miracles. You will be encouraged by this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 15 – 4:18-30

When Jesus visited His hometown He didn’t get a very good reception from the religious Jews. In fact, they tried to kill Him. In this message you will find out why they wanted to kill Him and what He was offering them that they rejected.

Gospel of Luke Part 14 – 4:17-18

This lesson will look at the Radical Jesus making a very bold declaration in His hometown synagogue. Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1 and then proclaimed that He was the fulfillment of that prophesy about the promised Messiah. We will also look at how this prophesy speaks to the life of those who are true followers of Jesus. This is a good lesson so don’t miss it.

Gospel of Luke Part 13 – 4:14-16

As I was preparing this lesson it went in an unexpected direction. Revival became the stirring message of this podcast. This is a must listen to for anyone that wants revival or comprehends that there is more to our faith then what they have yet seen. Please, don’t miss this moving message.

Gospel of Luke Part 12 – 4:9-13

In this lesson we will study the third temptation of Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. How this temptation relates to us is enlightening and practical. Jesus made the way that we can overcome the devil through the grace and power He freely offers us. This lesson is important for minsters to listen to since there are some profound truths that relate to them.

Gospel of Luke Part 11 – 4:3-8

In this lesson we will study the first two of three temptations Jesus went through according to the Gospel of Luke. Since Jesus was tempted in every way as we are, yet was without sin, He is able to help us in our time of need. There are some very practical truths about living the victorious Christian life in the this lesson.

Gospel of Luke Part 9 – 3:19-23

In this lesson we will examine John the Baptist’s imprisonment and his water baptism of Christ. Why Jesus was baptized in water will be part of this study and what happened at this momentous event. There is some good spiritual food to feast on in this teaching.

Gospel of Luke Part 8 – 3:12-18

What did the preaching of John the Baptist produce? Repentance! In this lesson we will look at some of the evidence that comes out of true repentance. Luke records three groups of people going to John and asking what they should do? He gave them practical answers on how to live out what it means to repent. This is a good lesson for each of us.