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Gospel of John

The Gospel of John Part 75 – Jn. 21:15-25

John 21:15-25 are the verses we will examine in this final episode in our study on the Gospel of John. We will learn why Peter denied the Lord and what it means to love Him. The loving heart of God is revealed in these verses through the act of reconciling Peter to Himself. This is a moving portion of the Gospel that is a powerful way to end this eyewitness account of the life of Christ.

The Gospel of John Part 74 – Jn. 21:1-14

Verses 1-14 of the 21st chapter of John is the portion of Scripture we will study in this podcast. What we see here is John’s final account of Jesus appearing to some of the apostles before He ascends to the Father. This is a wonderful portion of the Word that deals with some interesting truths. We also see here the Lord’s desire for the disciples to fellowship with Him, which is the greatest privilege given to mankind.

The Gospel of John Part 72 – Jn. 20:19-23

The focus of John 20:19-23 is on the resurrected Savior revealing Himself to the disciples. We will see how Jesus greeted them and a small portion of what He taught. These were extremely important times Jesus had with the disciples because He was pouring into them truth that would be essential for them to have after He ascended into heaven. We will also look at what Jesus breathing on the disciples was all about and touch on the authority Jesus gave His followers. This is an exciting message.

The Gospel of John Part 71 – Jn. 20:1-18

This lesson on Jn. 20:1-18 are the beginning verses on Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The first disciples Jesus showed Himself to were women and we will look at the reasons for this and what this means for us today. We will also see the basic timeline of the events concerning His resurrection. This is an encouraging and convicting message that you don’t want to miss.

The Gospel of John Part 70 – 7 last sayings of Jesus Pt. 2

In today’s lesson we will accomplish two things. First, we will finish studying the seven last sayings of Jesus from the cross and will mainly focus upon the seventh which is, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Second, we will finish studying John chapter 19:31-42. In these verses we will see Jesus pierced with a Roman spear to prove He was dead and to fulfill prophecy. Then we will see two members of the Sanhedrin Council that condemned Jesus actually burying of Him in a very respectful manner.

The Gospel of John Part 67 – Jn. 19:10-25

John 19:10-25 focus upon the final events of Jesus trial before Pilate and His being crucified. In John’s account of Christ’s crucifixion he isn’t trying to repeat everything the other Gospels teach, but is supplementing the account so that putting them all together we have a full picture of what happened. The truths we learn in this portion of Scripture are a necessary part of what true followers of Jesus must know.

The Gospel of John Part 66 – Jn. 19:1-9

John 18:1-9 are the verses we are studying in this podcast. We will look at Christ’s scourging and a portion of His trial before Pilate. I think what Pilate said to the crowd is a very good summery of this lesson. He said, “Behold the man” and that is what we will do in this study. We will look at Jesus and a portion of His suffering as He is on His way to Calvary for our sake and salvation.

The Gospel of John Part 65 – Jn. 18:19-38

This study comes out of John 18:19-38. In these verses we will examine the illegal trial that condemned Jesus to death. But we must never forget that Jesus willingly laid down His life as the Lamb of God so that we could be forgiven and redeemed. There are some truths in this section of Scripture that every true believer should know or those who are seeking the truth.

The Gospel of John Part 63 – Jn. 17:20-26

John 17:20-26 are the verses we are studying today. These are Christ’s final statements in His High Priestly Prayer before He goes to the Garden of Gethsemane and is arrested. The deep love Jesus has for the disciples comes out in a wonderful way in these verses and the victory He offers us is clearly seen as well. This is a profound portion of Scripture that is worth taking the time to study, so don’t miss it.

The Gospel of John Part 62 – John 17:9-19

Jn. 17:9-19 are the verses we are looking at in this study. Jesus is praying for the disciples. Though He is touching on many different subjects in these few verses what Jesus is praying is of tremendous value for Christians of all eras and nations. His prayer is moving towards the subject of sanctification, which is being set apart from the world to be set apart unto God. This is a message we are in desperate need of today.

The Gospel of John Part 61 – Jn. 17:1-8

In this podcast we will study John 17:1-8. This is Christ’s High Priestly Prayer where He intercedes to the Father for the disciples. In the first five verses Jesus prays for Himself, but they are very selfless prayers that the Father would be glorified in the Son. In verse six Jesus begins praying for the disciples. There are some powerful lessons in this portion of Scripture so be sure to listen.

The Gospel of John Part 60 – Jn. 16:23-33

In this podcast we will study John 16 verses 23 to the end of the chapter. This portion of Scripture is Christ’s final admonishments to the disciples before He is crucified. The two primary subjects of this section of the Bible is prayer and victory over the world. Both are an integral part of living the victorious Christian life. Because Jesus was and is the absolute victor we can pray to the Father in His name and walk in the victory He owns by right as Creator and Redeemer.

The Gospel of John Part 58 – Jn. 16:1-8

In this lesson we will study John 16:1-8. Jesus addresses two subjects in these verses and they are interwoven with each other–they are persecution and the Holy Spirit. Jesus did this on purpose because the Holy Spirit is needed in the life of every true believer, but He is uniquely needed in the lives of those who are persecuted for Christ. This is a soul-stirring message.

The Gospel of John Part 57 – Jn. 15:17-27

The principle subject of today’s lesson is Christ’s teaching on the persecution His followers would face. The section of Scripture will we be studying is John 15:17-27. Jesus taught much on persecution because if the world hated Him it most certainly will hate His followers. This is a very important subject for us to understand today so don’t miss it.

The Gospel of John Part 56 – Jn. 15:14-16

In our continuing study of the Gospel of John we will examine verses 14-16 of the 15th chapter. There are some wonderful promises in these three verse, such as our being given the privilege to be literal friends of Jesus if we will live a life of loving obedience to Him. There are some very challenging truths that we will dig into so don’t miss this lesson.

The Gospel of John Part 55 – Jn. 15:7-13

The Gospel of John 15:7-13 are the verses we will study today. This is a continuation of Jesus’ discourse on what it means to abide in Him. What Jesus is teaching on abiding is extremely radical if we understand what He is teaching. All those who truly love Jesus will love His teaching on abiding. So listen, be blessed and grow in Christ.

The Gospel of John Part 54 – Jn. 14:31-15:6

This lesson takes us into the first four verses of John chapter 14. The first verse Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.” In these verses we will learn a little about what it means to abide in Christ. To teach this principle Jesus gave us the parable that He is the Vine and we are the branches. This reveals to a small degree the relationship Christ has with His true disciples.

The Gospel of John Part 53 – Jn. 14:25-31

In this lesson we will finish chapter 14 of the Gospel of John and study His closing thoughts in this discourse. Central to these verses is the wonderful promise Jesus gives to His followers of every era and nation. It is found in verse 27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” This is actually a very challenging promise, but you will have to listen to the podcast to get the answer.

The Gospel of John Part 52 – Jn. 14:18-24

In our continuing study on the Gospel of John we will examine verses 18-24 of the fourteenth chapter. Central to these verses is the wonderful promise Jesus first gave those early disciples and now us, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” It is of great value to learn what Jesus was teaching about this promise and how it applies to our lives, so don’t miss this lesson.

The Gospel of John Part 51 – Jn. 14:13-17

We will study the rich lessons Jesus gave us in John 14:13-17. Prayer is the central theme of this portion of Scripture, but it has a unique emphasis that is on the disciples operating through the power of the Holy Spirit to perform miracles. We will learn about the four conditions Jesus gave so our prayers will be answered. This message will help you grow in your prayer life and challenge you to let the Lord do greater things in and through you.

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