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Spiritual Ruin

Book of Acts Part 22 – 8:18-27

Simon the sorcerer is the topic of this lesson. He was a man that had great demonic power, but when he saw the signs and wonders the Lord was doing through Philip, he got saved and baptized in water. When Peter and John went to Samaria to help Philip with the revival, Peter rebuked Simon for wanting to buy the gift of God. This is a very interesting message.

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Book of Acts Part 6 – 2:14-24

Peter’s first sermon after Jesus rose again is the subject of this lesson. This happened on the Day of Pentecost and the first thing he did was to explain what happened with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Then he told the large crowd what Jesus did for them and then exposed their guilt so that they might come to repentance. This is a great sermon to study.

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Gospel of Luke Part 64 – 12:4-10

This lesson begins with Jesus teaching the disciples to not fear those who can kill the body, but to fear God who after killing the body can cast the person into hell. Central to this thought is our need to love Jesus more than ourselves. This is necessary if we are going to live out the Biblical faith. From this subject Jesus moves on to teach what is often called the unforgiveable sin. You need to listen to this podcast to learn what that sin really is.

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Gospel of Luke Part 51 – 9:51-57

As Jesus was passing through Samaria He was rejected by a village. James and John were so angry they wanted Jesus to call down fire on them and consume the entire village. This is an interesting account that exposes the anger and prejudice that can be us and that we must get victory over it. This account leads into the next event where Jesus had a brief conversation with three men. We will only begin looking at this account. There is some good stuff in this study.

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Gospel of Luke Part 12 – 4:9-13

In this lesson we will study the third temptation of Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. How this temptation relates to us is enlightening and practical. Jesus made the way that we can overcome the devil through the grace and power He freely offers us. This lesson is important for minsters to listen to since there are some profound truths that relate to them.

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