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First Peter

First Peter Part 43 – 5:9-14

In today’s podcast we will finish up our study on First Peter. We will be looking at verses nine through fourteen which will span such topics as Peter’s final points on spiritual warfare to that of suffering, brotherly love and having the peace of God in our lives. Don’t miss the conclusion to Peter’s stirring letter.

First Peter Part 41 – 5:8c

In today’s lesson we will continue studying First Peter 5:8 which is about spiritual warfare. The topic is not only a popular one, it is important as well. Understanding our spiritual enemy is strategic to overcoming him. But what is of the utmost importance is knowing Jesus. The better we know Christ then the more clearly we will see who the enemy is and the schemes he is working against us. This podcast will be spiritually and mentally invigorating as we continue to make a comparison between God and the devil and see more clearly that there is no God like the Lord.

First Peter Part 40 – 5:8b

In today’s podcast we will continue studying verse 8 of First Peter chapter five. In this section of Peter’s epistle we are focusing upon spiritual warfare. The direction of our lesson today will be upon who our enemy is in this spiritual war. This teaching is sure to prove interesting so don’t miss it.

First Peter Part 39 – 5:8a

Today we will study just one verse, First Peter 5:8. Out of this verse we will look at two very important subjects having to do with spiritual warfare–self-control and being spiritually alert. This lesson is of tremendous importance for anyone that wants to be a true follower of Jesus and wants to make a difference in this world by doing real spiritual warfare.

First Peter Part 38 – 5:7-8

In today’s lesson we will study First Peter 5:7-8. This is the beginning of Peter’s teaching on spiritual warfare and it begins with a right understanding of God’s love for us. This is a necessary part of true spiritual warfare because when the battle gets hot we must rest the who God is and of His care for us. This leads into Peter’s statement that we must be self-controlled because the devil is like a roaring lion looking to devour people. This point of being self-controlled is of tremendous important because it is one of the fruits of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5. This podcast will most certainly challenge you so do not miss it.

First Peter Part 37 – 5:7

We will dig into one verse in today’s study, First Peter 5:7 reveals two great themes, besides some others that are also very important. The two themes are that the Lord truly cares for us and because He cares, we must cast all our anxieties upon Him. This is a very encouraging message so don’t miss it. You can subscribe for free to this podcast by going to my web site at and choose the subscribe button that is for your device. You can also subscribe directly through iTunes or Google Music Play. Just search for my name–Glenn Meldrum.

First Peter Part 36 – 5:5-6

In the podcast today we will study First Peter 5:5-6. For a portion of the lesson we will be looking again at the subject of pastors but this time we will take a little different approach by focusing on associate and youth pastors. The subjects of humility and pride will be addressed in a powerful way today that relates to all Christians. This is a stirring message, so don’t miss it.

First Peter Part 35 – 5:2-4

In today’s study we will be examining First Peter 5:2-4. In these verses Peter is gives some very practical teaching on the pastoral ministry. This topic is of tremendous importance for both pastors and lay Christians as well. One thing that I will address in this lesson is how Christians should treat their pastors. I will also give some helpful admonishments to pastors. This teaching is of immense value to the church in our day so make sure you do not miss this one.

First Peter Part 34 – 5:1

The verses we will study today are found in First Peter 5:1-2. These two verses address the needs of pastors, elders and church leaders. We will learn what Peter meant by an elder and some of the obligations that fall upon those who would be shepherds over God’s flock. This message is very important for pastors and church leaders to listen to. But it is also very important for all true believers to hear because it will speak directly to you as well. This message is sure to stir the pot, encourage some thought and make for some rousing discussion.

First Peter Part 33 – 4:18-19

First Peter 4:18-19 are the verses we will tackle today. Peter is still on the subject of suffering for Jesus and this will take us into a couple of very challenging directions. The first being Peter’s statement that it is hard for the righteous to be saved, and then, what the end will be for those who die without Christ. We will also get into the dimension that we are to do good, not only in times of easy and peace, but even in times of great difficulty and persecution. You need to listen to this podcast.

First Peter Part 32 – 4:16-17

This week in our continuing study on First Peter we will examine verses 16-17 of chapter four. In these two verses we will deal with the very challenging subjects of not being ashamed of Jesus, especially during times of persecution, and that judgment must begin with the family of God. This is a very needed lesson for all true followers of Jesus.

First Peter Part 31 – 4:12-15

Our lesson today will take us into First Peter 4:12-15. In these verses Peter will address a little more deeply the subject of suffering, but his emphasis will be upon suffering for Jesus. We are told not to be surprised at the fiery trials that comes our way. One important point that the apostle makes about overcoming through our suffering is to have a heart that is filled with gratitude for the salvation Jesus has freely given us. We will close the podcast by applying Peter’s practical teaching that all true followers of Jesus should never be guilty of murder, theft, gossip or any kind criminal activity.

First Peter Part 30 – 4:10-11

Last week we studied First Peter 4:7-9. Verse 7 begins with, “The end of all things is near” and Peter continues his thought through verse 11. We will study verses 10-11 today where he presents a simple, idea that since the end of all things is near we should use our gifts to serve others. So we will look at what it means to serve others through the various gifts that the Lord gives to His people. This is a very necessary lesson for all those who want to obey the Lord’s command to love others as Jesus loves us by faithfully serving others.

First Peter Part 29 – 4:7-9

Today we will study 1 Pe. 4:7 that begins with, “The end of all things is near” and end at verse nine. Peter lays out this idea through the eleventh verse by presenting four things that we should do because the end of all things is near. We will only examine the first three points this week and leave the fourth for our next lesson. These are some challenging issues that are very practical for those who want to be an authentic follower of Jesus. Since the end of all things is near we should want to know how to live prepared and this Peter clearly addresses.

First Peter Part 28 – 4:4-6

First Peter 4:4-6 are the verses we will study today. The two principle ideas that we will dig into is that people will think true Christians are strange because they do not practice sin and that the Lord will judge the living and the dead. This is a practical, yet very challenging podcast as we look at some of the struggles that come to those who are genuine followers of Jesus.

First Peter Part 27 – 4:1-3

Our study today takes us into verses one through three of First Peter chapter four. Though suffering is the primary subject Peter is dealing with he touches on a couple of important ideas that relate to this difficult issue. He begins by making Jesus the standard of the faith and that we must arm ourselves with the same mind that defined Jesus. We are to die to sin in a similar manner as Jesus died for sin. Peter goes on to teach some points on the Christian call to live the crucified life. This lesson will stir your soul.

First Peter Part 26 – 3:20-22

Today in our podcast we will be studying First Peter 3:21-22. In these verses we will dig into a variety of subjects such as the idea that only a few people are saved in comparison to the mass of humanity. We will also examine some of the issues that revolve around the subject of water baptism. This study will be more exciting then you may at first think, so don’t miss it.

First Peter Part 25 – 3:18-20

First Peter 3:18-20 are the verses we will study today. In verse 18 Peter presents in very practical terms some foundational truths such as Jesus died once for all and that He died to bring us to God. Verses 19-20 are very challenging to teach because of the difficult nature of what Peter is presenting. You will need to listen to the podcast to hear what I have to say on them.

First Peter Part 24 – 3:15-17

Today we will study First Peter chapter 3 beginning with the second half of verse 15 and finishing with verse 17. We will begin looking at the subject of living prepared by living in right fellowship with God and move on to how to live with a clear conscience before God and man. The lesson will close with examining God’s will in relation to suffering. This podcast is packed full of practical teaching that is sure to help you walk nearer to Jesus.

First Peter Part 23 – 3:15

In today’s lesson we will study the first half of First Peter 3:15. At this juncture in Peter’s teaching he makes a point that is of tremendous importance to the subject of persecution, but is also of paramount importance to being a true follower of Jesus. That portion of Scripture reads, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.” I guarantee that this study will challenge you.

First Peter Part 22 – 3:10-14

Verses ten through twelve of First Peter chapter three are the focus of today’s podcast. We will see how Peter moves us from specific commands that relate to husbands and wives on to general commands that have to do with Christian character, which then leads us into the subject of persecution and suffering. This message will stir your soul and challenge your mind.

First Peter Part 21 – 3:8-9

Our lesson today comes out of First Peter 3:8-9. In these two verses Peter gives some very practical teaching on how to have a good marriage and a wonderful church. These are down to earth, real life things that we can live out through God’s grace that can make a tremendous difference in our homes and churches. But if we fail to live them out there are dire consequences. Do not miss this lesson, it may contain some truths that could change your life and family.

First Peter Part 20 – 3:7

Today we will study what Peter has to say to husbands which is found in First Peter 3:7. This is a very challenging message for men and husbands. It is also a very necessary one so that men can be the loving husbands the Lord commands them to be. There are some challenging truths presented for women as well so don’t runaway to get another latte until you have listened to this podcast.

First Peter Part 19 – 3:1-6

First Peter 3:1-6 are the verses we will study in today’s lesson. In these verses Peter will address some very important issues about godly womanhood in general and specifically on godly wives. The importance of what Peter is writing about cannot be overestimated because how the character of women and wives profoundly affect a marriage and children. This message is very challenging for women because it focuses upon them and their needs. But men need to hear this message so they can grow in understanding of how to meet the needs of their wives.

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