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Book of Acts Part 35 – 13:48-14:18

Paul and Barnabas were forced to move their missionary work to Iconium because of persecution. In that ancient city in Asia Minor revival broke out, but eventually they were forced to leave there because of persecution. From there they went to Lystra and Derbe where the revival spread. In Lystra the Lord healed a man that was born a cripple and had never walked. Zeus was the patron deity of the city and the people thought that Barnabas was Zeus and Paul was Hermes. That made for one exciting meeting to say the least.

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Book of Acts Part 34 – 13:28-48

This is a continuation of the study examining the message Paul preached in a synagogue in Asia Minor. This was a soul stirring, mind shocking sermon that simultaneously produced authentic revival and persecution. This happened in Antioch of Pisidia and this is where a major change came to the missionary work of Paul and Barnabas. Don’t miss this teaching.

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Book of Acts Part 27 – 10:17-35

This lesson is on the extremely important story of how the Lord opened the door for salvation to come to Gentiles, or non-Jews. This is far more radical that we can understand from our modern culture. We get to see how important it is to obey the Lord, even when we don’t understand what He is doing. He will do great things through those who trust and obey.

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Book of Acts Part 22 – 8:18-27

Simon the sorcerer is the topic of this lesson. He was a man that had great demonic power, but when he saw the signs and wonders the Lord was doing through Philip, he got saved and baptized in water. When Peter and John went to Samaria to help Philip with the revival, Peter rebuked Simon for wanting to buy the gift of God. This is a very interesting message.

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Gospel of Luke Part 91 – 19:28-48

We are now at the point where Christ’s ministry changes from ministering to the people outside of Jerusalem to the final days of His life where He ministers in Jerusalem. The two events we will examine are His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and His cleansing of the Temple by driving out those who were getting rich off the faith by exploiting the people. This is a good lesson.

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Gospel of Luke Part 6 – 3:5-7

In this lesson we will finish studying the prophesy that Luke quotes from Isaiah 40 that was fulfilled in John the Baptist. There is a second way this prophesy is fulfilled and that is for God’s people to put into action what the prophesy teaches. We also started looking at the beginning of John’s sermon and it was a fiery one that’s worth knowing and understanding. Enjoy!

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Gospel of Luke Part 4 – 2:51-3:4

In verses 51 and 52 of the second chapter of Luke we will study such subjects as why Jesus was called a Nazarene and what it means that Mary “treasured all these things in her heart.” Then in the first two verses of chapter three we will examine the introduction to John the Baptist’s ministry. In verses three and four we will learn why John the Baptizer was so important to preparing the way for Jesus to become our atoning sacrifice.

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The Gospel of John Part 57 – Jn. 15:17-27

The principle subject of today’s lesson is Christ’s teaching on the persecution His followers would face. The section of Scripture will we be studying is John 15:17-27. Jesus taught much on persecution because if the world hated Him it most certainly will hate His followers. This is a very important subject for us to understand today so don’t miss it.

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I fear the United States is hastening towards judgment. Where that line of no return is I do not know, but the nation’s rapid moral and spiritual decline is hurtling us towards that terrifying line at breakneck speed. Only divine intervention can turn us from our self-destructive course. We have forsaken the God which gave

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Holy Fire Part 1

Today we begin a new study titled Holy Fire. “Fire” is a common idea that flows through much of the church in song, prayer and thought. But what does it mean? When we sing and pray to have the fire what are we really asking God to do for us? This teaching will examine the Biblical idea of fire so that when we pray and sing about it we know what we are really asking for. May God grant our petitions and give us the Holy Spirit and fire.

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Prepare the Way Part 2

Part 2 of “Prepare the Way” is the continuation of Glenn’s teaching on the Scriptural correlation between John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus to come to Israel and how the church is to prepare the way for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Revival is never a time and chance event, but is always the result of purposeful preparation. In this podcast the prophetic ideas spoken about in Isaiah 40:1-5 of tearing down mountains and filling in valleys will be examined. This practical teaching on the Christian life and revival is sure to bless your life.

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Prepare the Way Part 1

Preparation always precedes revival. In this three week study on preparing the way for revival we will study John the Baptist and the prophecy about this man of God that comes out of Isaiah 40:1-5. There are many practical applications on how this prophecy is able to be applied to our present need to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to fall in our lives and a local congregation.

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Revival Part 9 – The Cross and Revival

If believers really want revival then they must be careful that the message of the cross is central to the preaching and life of the church. A simple examination of church history will reveal that whenever revival was poured out that Jesus and the cross was the consuming subject. Remove the message of the cross and you have something other than authentic revival. In this podcast you will learn the importance of the preaching of the cross in revival and get a fresh glimpse of the Precious Savior who was crucified for us.

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