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The Audacity Series

The Audacity Series Part 8

In this final episode of The Audacity Series we will examine 1 Corinthians 13:11. This verse within the love chapter is all about spiritual maturity. When we think like a child we will act and love like a child. If we make the willful choice to spiritually grow up then we will begin thinking like spiritual adults which means we will begin loving like mature adults. Marriages fall apart because people refuse to grow up; churches suffer the ravages of strife because people refuse to grow up. Listen to this podcast and learn what it means to love like an authentic adult.

The Audacity Series Part 7

This is our seventh week in our study titled The Audacity Series. We have studied thus far the audacity of faith and hope. We have been immersed for the past three weeks examining the audacity of love. Today we will specifically look the apostle Paul’s phrase, “the most excellent way” which refers to the audacity of love. This study is sure to challenge you, so do not miss this one.

The Audacity Series Part 5

We have been studying the audacity of faith, hope and love. Last week we began delving into the audacity of love. In this podcast we will examine the divine call for true believers to live out the audacity of love. One of the greatest expressions of love for God is obedience. When we love God we will obey Him. The opposite is also true–if we do not obey His Word it is because we do not really love Him. This teaching will challenge you to love better.

The Audacity Series Part 4

In part 4 of The Audacity Series we will begin examining the audacity of love. This is the bold, daring effort to live out love as defined by God, not mankind, This is love filled with the courage and desire to love God and people regardless of our emotions, senses, circumstances, and intellect. The audacity of love will consume the rest of the podcasts in this series. You will certainly be challenged by them.

The Audacity Series Part 2

In the Audacity Series we are delving into the audacity of faith, hope and love. These are foundational principles to Biblical Christianity. Last week we began looking at the audacity of faith and this week we will pick up the second part of that lesson. We will examine the audacity of faith as lived out through Moses and David and then turn our attention to the audacity to believe in a God of miracles. Dare to listen so that you would dare to believe.

The Audacity Series Part 1

The defining verse of The Audacity Series is 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” In this series, we will study the audacity of faith, hope and love. When these three virtues are operating in the life of Christians, God will do great thing through them. This series will challenge your faith and cause you to grow in Christ.

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