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Book of Acts Part 25 – 9:17-35

We are in the portion of Acts chapter 9 that goes into Paul’s actual conversion and what that looked like. Salvation not only comes through Christ alone, but there is only one kind of salvation and we see this lived out in Paul. He was a New Testament believer. It is of the utmost importance that we return to the Biblical model of salvation and forsake America Christianity that by and large is a perversion of the real thing. The podcast will end looking a Peter being used to heal a lame man. This is a good lesson.

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Gospel of Luke Part 92 – 20:1-9

In the opening of this lesson we will look at what Jesus meant by a “house of prayer.” Then we will begin digging into chapter 20 of Luke’s Gospel. The first event that happened was about some religious leaders that asked Jesus “by what authority are you doing these things.” These things refer to Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and His cleansing the Temple. This will give us a glimpse at the radical, yet loving Savior.

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Gospel of Luke Part 12 – 4:9-13

In this lesson we will study the third temptation of Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. How this temptation relates to us is enlightening and practical. Jesus made the way that we can overcome the devil through the grace and power He freely offers us. This lesson is important for minsters to listen to since there are some profound truths that relate to them.

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First John 4:11-15 Part 28

The apostle John is still pressing home his teaching on love as we study verses 11-15 of the fourth chapter of First John. We will see the necessity of giving evidence that we are genuine followers of Jesus. Confession without a life that proves the validity of our confession is more than worthless, because it can be destructive. But when the true faith is lived out, the benefits are awesome.

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