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Create In Me Part 7

We now come to verse 10 of Psalm 51 where I gleaned the title of this teaching series, Create In Me. This verse is David’s cry for a clean, pure heart. In this lesson we will strive to understand why David made such a request from God and what the prayer means to us in the 21st century. David is a man like all men–in desperate need of a Savior. Today’s lesson will address that need and the glorious remedy that is offered to us.

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Create In Me Part 6

In today’s podcast of The Radical Truth we will continue studying Psalm 51. Verses 7 – 9 are the focus of our lesson today where we will learn some profound Biblical truths about receiving God’s forgiveness. Today’s lesson is both practical and necessary for living out the faith defined in the Scriptures. So take time out of your busy schedule to learn a little more about the wonderful truth that God freely forgives anyone that will take the path of repentance–even adulterers and murderers like David.

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