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Divine healing

Gospel of Luke Part 19 – 5:16-26

The historical account we will examine in this lesson is about the healing of a paralytic man. At this preaching event the Pharisees and experts in the Mosaic Law came in judgment of Jesus. Of course, Jesus rises to the occasion by healing the paralytic and silencing the religious rulers with a very simple, yet logical argument. This is a great story to teach about.

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The Gospel of John Part 15 – Jn. 4:43-5:16

We will look at two stories today on our study of the Gospel of John. The first is at the end of chapter four which is about a nobleman that asks Jesus to heal his son. The second takes up all of chapter five, but we will only get through verse sixteen today. This is about Jesus healing a man who was lame for 38 years and the confrontation with the religious Jews that comes out of this miracle. This is a very interesting lesson and there will be some points to challenge your faith.

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