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The Radical Jesus

The Radical Jesus Part 42

For the last 41 weeks we have been studying The Radical Jesus. We learned that Jesus is absolutely radical and that all those who would be true followers of Jesus are called to be like Jesus–to be Christlike. The simple conclusion to the fact that Jesus is radical is that His followers should be radical like Jesus. Today we conclude this study by bringing some practical application from what we have learned. Next week we will begin a new teaching series.

The Radical Jesus Part 40

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? This is the topic of today’s podcast that we began last week. If we want to be a true disciple of Jesus then it is imperative that we know what Jesus said on the subject. Listen and be challenged to be the disciple Jesus is calling you to be.

The Radical Jesus Part 38

This is lesson 38 on in our study on The Radical Jesus and part four in our section on Radical Pursuit. Today we will examine what our pursuit of God should look like according to what God has to say about it. This is a challenging lesson that will help you understand a little more about what it means to be a true follower of Jesus.

The Radical Jesus Part 35

In today’s lesson we will begin a new section on Radical Pursuit which is part of our continuing study on The Radical Jesus. In this section on radical pursuit we are going to dig into God’s pursuit of mankind and our pursuit of Him. Today we will concentrate upon His pursuit of us, which is a very encouraging topic.

The Radical Jesus Part 33

We begin today a new section on Radical Abiding in our continuing study on The Radical Jesus. To abide in Christ is mandatory part of being a true follower of Jesus. To help us grasp the nature of abiding we will go on a strange journey by first looking at water baptism so that we can understand why Jesus was baptized. This will then open way for us to see just how radical abiding in Christ actually is according to Scripture.

The Radical Jesus Part 32

In today’s podcast we are going to dig into the very important subject that prayer is all about relationship with God. We will then examine what it means to enjoy God. There is no greater privilege given to mankind than to walk with Him in unbroken fellowship. In this podcast I will debut a song from Bart and Tricia’s CD “Beauty All Around.” It’s called, “Into Your Presence.”

The Radical Jesus Part 31

The spiritual condition of a local church is ultimately determined by the spiritual life of the pastor and people. At the core of this issue is the subject of prayer. People and churches can rise no higher spiritually then their prayer life. In today’s podcast we will focus on prayer and the local church. If you want to know why the church is in the condition it is in then you need to listen to this teaching.

The Radical Jesus Part 29

This is the last podcast of 2015 and we are stating a new section in our continuing study on The Radical Jesus. For the next few weeks we will be examining the subject of Radical Prayer. In today’s lesson we will lay the foundation of our teaching on the radical nature of prayer by learning from Jesus who is our ultimate and perfect example. If you want to grow in the power of prayer then listen to these podcasts on prayer.

The Radical Jesus Part 28

We have been doing an in depth investigation into the Radical Jesus for over seven months and this will be our last week studying the section on radical faith. One of the primary points of today’s lesson is to help us understand the necessity of returning to the roots of our faith that was seen in the primitive church of the first century. God is a miracle working God and He is waiting for people to rise up to the great need of the hour which is for the saints to operate through great faith. The need is great so the remedy must be greater. A tame Christianity will not capture the heart and mind of the world. We need a signs and wonders, New Testament faith. Then the world will take note and learn that there is a God and that His name is Jesus.

The Radical Jesus Part 27

In our second week in our study on radical faith we will begin by examining the great faith of the Roman Centurion. In this account there are some powerful truths about faith and how it works. We will then look at the great need in our day for the people of God to arise to the desperate need of the hour to live out lives of great faith. Whenever the church lives by great faith the world takes notice. God is a miracle working God that still does miracles today. Will we be the people He can do miracles through? Will we live out the radical nature of true faith or will we let Jesus pass us by?

The Radical Jesus Part 26

The subject of today’s study will be the radical nature of Biblical faith. This is the first of three lessons on the subject that is part of our continuing study on the Radical Jesus. Today we will begin with an overview of why faith as defined by the Scriptures is radical. Then we will examine how great faith is directly tied into the quality of our relationship with God. Finally we will study a woman that Jesus said had great faith. You will be challenged by this lesson.

The Radical Jesus Part 25

Today we are going to look at the sacrifice Christians are called to live out on a daily basis and the great sacrifices that come into our lives at various times. From the moment people become bona fide followers of Jesus they are called to live an uncompromising life of loving devotion to Him which will entail sacrifice in one form or another. Though this will be a challenging message, it will also be very encouraging.

The Radical Jesus Part 24

In today’s lesson we will look at some practical ways how genuine Christians are to sacrifice their lives for Jesus. We will learn how Christ’s life is the perfect example and standard of how true followers of Jesus are to live. We will dig into a couple of Christ’s parables that teach us what it means to sacrifice ourselves for Jesus. Then we will examine a little of Paul’s teaching on the matter. In this fallen world suffering and sacrifice are realities from which nobody can escape. The question is, “Who will we sacrifice and suffer for.” This question is clearly answered in a very practical way.

The Radical Jesus Part 23

We are beginning a new section in our continuing study on The Radical Jesus titled Radical Sacrifice. Today’s lesson will concentrate upon the eternal dimension of Christ’s sacrifice which will reveal another aspect of His tremendous love for mankind. This section on radical sacrifice makes a smooth transition from our last topic which was on radical compassion. It is just the reality of the world in which we live that whenever compassion is shown to those in need there is sacrifice involved. This study is sure to challenge you, so give a listen and grow in your knowledge of God.

The Radical Jesus Part 22

For the last two weeks we have been studying the radical nature of divine compassion and I will address this subject again today to bring some practical application. We will look at a couple of Christ’s parables that address the issue of compassion and how true followers of Jesus should be living out compassion on a daily basis. We will see the great privilege that is bestowed upon genuine believers to be Christ’s ambassadors to a world in rebellion against Him. This is a very high calling and is extremely important for us to understand. To this we are called.

The Radical Jesus Part 21

Last week we began digging into the wonderful subject of divine compassion. The radical nature of Christ’s compassion towards the rebel human race is staggering and beyond comprehension. Yet we should seek to comprehend His compassion to the best of our ability. Last week’s study ended with a brief glimpse at how God’s compassion is interwoven into His omniscience (all-knowing). I will pick up where we left off last week to delve deeper in the correlation between God’s omniscience and compassion. You will be enlightened.

The Radical Jesus Part 20

We are beginning a new section in our continuing study on The Radical Jesus. Today’s topic will be on Radical Compassion. The better we understand the radical compassion that defines Jesus, the more we will be able to grasp the compassion genuine followers of Jesus should be living. Jesus is our perfect example of what it means to compassionately love others. This is the love we are to live which will cause us to seek the eternal and temporal well-being of others. This message will surely challenge you.

The Radical Jesus Part 19

Can people please God? This is an extremely important question that every person should be asking. It is not enough to merely ask the question, we need to be striving to find the answer. In today’s lesson we will examine what it means to please God and how personal holiness is an integral part of it. So ask the question, “Can I please God?” Now listen to this podcast to get the answer.

The Radical Jesus Part 18

This is our second week studying the radical nature of holiness. In this lesson we will see how holiness is central to salvation. Only holy people will make heaven their home. Now if only the holy will go to heaven then the all-important question is how do unholy people become holy and what does that holy life look like? This is what we will investigate today.

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