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Book of Acts Part 36 – 14:19-15:3

In this lesson we will study the revival that came to Lystra and the persecution that broke out, where Paul was stoned to death. Some believers gathered around him and he came back to life. Then Paul and Barnabas went to Derbe and the revival spread through that city. The two apostles then traveled to their home church in Antioch, Syria. This was a very exciting time for Paul and Barnabas.

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Book of Acts Part 3 – 1:10-17

This lesson picks up with Christ’s ascension into heaven when over 500 people witnessed this astounding sight. Two angels suddenly appeared to give the disciples an important message–Jesus is coming back. As real as was His ascension, so will be His second coming. Then the disciples obeyed our Lord’s final command before He ascended and went into Jerusalem to tarry until they received the promised Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This is a soul-stirring lesson.

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Gospel of Luke Part 107 – 24:32-53

We now come to the final lesson from the Gospel of Luke. This is about Christ resurrection, ascension and sending out His followers to make disciples of all nations. Jesus told those disciples to first go into Jerusalem and pray until the power of the Holy Spirit fills them and that’s where this Gospel ends, and the Book of Acts picks up. Guess what next book of the New Testament that we will study next?

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The Gospel of John Part 72 – Jn. 20:19-23

The focus of John 20:19-23 is on the resurrected Savior revealing Himself to the disciples. We will see how Jesus greeted them and a small portion of what He taught. These were extremely important times Jesus had with the disciples because He was pouring into them truth that would be essential for them to have after He ascended into heaven. We will also look at what Jesus breathing on the disciples was all about and touch on the authority Jesus gave His followers. This is an exciting message.

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