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Book of Acts Part 30 – 11:24-12:5

The portion of Scripture we will be looking at will cover a few events. First, we will look at Barnabas, who was used of God to minister in Antioch, Syria. He then seeks after Paul who is in Tarsus and Barnabas takes him to Antioch where they labor together for a year of fruitful ministry. A prophecy was given that famine was coming to Judah and Barnabas and Paul took an offering to those who were suffering. During this time Herod Agrippa murdered James, the brother of John, whom Jesus called the Sons of Thunder. Herod then arrested Peter and put him in prison. A big surprise was coming, for the king didn’t take into account the power of a praying church that would upset all his plans. There are some powerful truths that we will dig into in this lesson, so don’t miss it.

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Book of Acts Part 25 – 9:17-35

We are in the portion of Acts chapter 9 that goes into Paul’s actual conversion and what that looked like. Salvation not only comes through Christ alone, but there is only one kind of salvation and we see this lived out in Paul. He was a New Testament believer. It is of the utmost importance that we return to the Biblical model of salvation and forsake America Christianity that by and large is a perversion of the real thing. The podcast will end looking a Peter being used to heal a lame man. This is a good lesson.

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Book of Acts Part 19 – 6:11-7:53

We are still studying the account of the character and martyrdom of Stephen. He was one of the first seven deacons in the church and became the first martyr because of the loving, yet bold witness he made before the very men that condemned Jesus to be crucified. We desperately need churches full of men and women who are like Stephen: full of the Holy Spirit, faith and power.

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Book of Acts Part 18 – 6:5-10

The final verses involved in choosing the first deacons is one point we will focus on in this podcast. This leads into the account of Stephen, who was one of those first deacons, and his life, testimony and martyrdom. We will only have time to dig into the opening thoughts of this account and the catalyst that led to his murder. This is a much needed message today.

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Book of Acts Part 17 – 5:36-6:4

In this lesson we will finish studying the second recorded account of persecution that the infant church experienced. We will examine their response to this persecution, which was radical. Then we will begin looking at an important leadership issue that’s recorded at the beginning of Acts chapter six. This deals with the sin of prejudice that crept into the church. The message of this lesson is vitally important for believers today.

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Book of Acts Part 15 – 5:1-18

Two vastly different topics are the focus of this lesson that comes out of The Book of Acts, chapter 5. The first topic is the severe discipline that came upon two disciples and the second is the persecution that broke out against the apostles for all the miracles the Lord was using them to perform. These miracles
took place in the Temple and around Jerusalem. Interesting podcast to say the least.

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Gospel of Luke Part 96 – 21:13-27

This is the 500th lesson for The Radical Truth Podcast. This one comes out of Luke 21 and is about Christ’s second coming. There are five prophetic verses in this chapter that deals with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, which happened in 70 AD. This was 40 years after Jesus made this prophesy. This is a soul-stirring message to help believers live ready for our Lord’s soon return.

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Gospel of Luke Part 55 – 10:25-31

We will begin studying a new account in Luke which is about an expert in the Mosaic Law that tried to entrap Jesus. The Lord turned the table on the lawyer and forced him to answer a question Jesus presented to him. This is a challenging exchange that teaches some important truths on what it means to follow Jesus. This interaction leads into the Parable of the Good Samaritan that we will begin examining at the end of this lesson.

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First Peter Part 28 – 4:4-6

First Peter 4:4-6 are the verses we will study today. The two principle ideas that we will dig into is that people will think true Christians are strange because they do not practice sin and that the Lord will judge the living and the dead. This is a practical, yet very challenging podcast as we look at some of the struggles that come to those who are genuine followers of Jesus.

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Suffering in this Fallen World Part 6

Part six in this series on Suffering in this Fallen World will focus on the subject of persecution of true Christians. This is a immense subject, both Biblically and historically. Today we will only present an overview on the issue and how it relates to us today in America and the Western world. Persecution is on the rise world wide and it is increasing in America at a fast rate. If Christians are not preparing their hearts and minds for the coming persecution then many will not stand in the day of testing. This podcast will inform you on this extremely important subject.

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