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Gospel of Luke Part 78 – 16:1-13

We are beginning Luke chapter 16. It starts with the Parable of the Unjust Steward that’s a challenging parable to understand. Yet if we pay close attention to what Jesus is teaching, and how it relates to the parable, all of a sudden it becomes easier to understand. What Jesus is teaching here is very radical so don’t miss this lesson and the good it can do you.

Gospel of Luke Part 72 – 13:31-14:14

There are two events that we will examine in this lesson. The first is when some Pharisees warned Jesus that Herod wanted to kill Him. The second is a dinner Jesus attended at a prominent Pharisee’s home where the Lord healed a man with dropsy and taught on humility. There are some very challenging truths that will be dealt with in this study.

Gospel of Luke Part 50 – 9:45-50

Pride verses humility is a central theme in this lesson. The disciples were having an argument about who was the greatest among them. Then John and some other disciples were forbidding a man from casting out demons in the name of Jesus. In both cases Jesus teaches the disciples what if means to to be one of His followers. This is a challenging teaching.

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