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End times

Gospel of Luke Part 96 – 21:13-27

This is the 500th lesson for The Radical Truth Podcast. This one comes out of Luke 21 and is about Christ’s second coming. There are five prophetic verses in this chapter that deals with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, which happened in 70 AD. This was 40 years after Jesus made this prophesy. This is a soul-stirring message to help believers live ready for our Lord’s soon return.

First Peter Part 30 – 4:10-11

Last week we studied First Peter 4:7-9. Verse 7 begins with, “The end of all things is near” and Peter continues his thought through verse 11. We will study verses 10-11 today where he presents a simple, idea that since the end of all things is near we should use our gifts to serve others. So we will look at what it means to serve others through the various gifts that the Lord gives to His people. This is a very necessary lesson for all those who want to obey the Lord’s command to love others as Jesus loves us by faithfully serving others.

First Peter Part 29 – 4:7-9

Today we will study 1 Pe. 4:7 that begins with, “The end of all things is near” and end at verse nine. Peter lays out this idea through the eleventh verse by presenting four things that we should do because the end of all things is near. We will only examine the first three points this week and leave the fourth for our next lesson. These are some challenging issues that are very practical for those who want to be an authentic follower of Jesus. Since the end of all things is near we should want to know how to live prepared and this Peter clearly addresses.

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