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Gospel of Luke Part 29 – 2:15-30

This is a continuation of the Christmas story. We will finish looking at the shepherds that went to see Jesus. Then we will move on to what happens during the next month after our Savior’s birth. The first event was His circumcision and the second was His dedication in the Temple in Jerusalem along with Mary’s purification. There are some practical principles that come out in this lesson that will help anyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus.

Gospel of Luke Part 26 – 1:34-55

This lesson continues to examine the Christmas story according to Luke. We begin by studying Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel and her visit to her cousin Elizabeth. We will then look at what happens when these two women of God meet and how the Lord is glorified through it. There is a lot of good and exciting theology in this lesson, along with the hope of Christ coming into the world.

Christmas 2018

This Christmas message for 2018 is about how Jesus came into the world at just the right time and at just the right time He came to us. Salvation doesn’t come to us by time and chance, but through a God who is actively working in our lives. This message will encourage you.

Fact or Fiction Christmas 2016

In this Christmas message we will briefly look at how Biblical Christianity is under attack as it relates to Christmas, but that is nothing new. Then we will examine what this holiday is really all about and to do this we will look at some various facts that surround the birth of Christ. This is a very challenging Christmas message so be sure to listen and then give Jesus the best birthday present you can. Have a joyous day celebrating the birth of the One and Only Savior!

Christmas Message – Fact or Fiction

Is the birth of Jesus fact or fiction? In this Christmas message Glenn briefly examines the validity of having faith in Christ and the facts that surround the historical account. You will be encouraged that Biblical faith in Jesus is not blind, but based upon truth and fact. The purpose of Christmas is also examined. Have a very, merry time celebrating the birth of our Savior.

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