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4 thoughts on “Eyes to See – A Christmas Message”

  1. A wonderful Christmas message that helps us keep our focus on the reason for the season! Thank you Glenn and Jessica for helping all of us grow closer to Jesus in 2015 ! Have a wonderful Christmas !

    1. The Lord bless you Pastor Shirley. We are blessed by the praying church you pioneered and are now seeing the fruit of all those prayers. Have a blessed Christmas celebrating Jesus.

  2. The thing I saw as you were preaching this very valuable message Glenn was, just like pilot washed his hands and gave Jesus to the people. Many in this age of time wash there hands and say within themselves this is the best I can do and never commit totally to drawing near unto Jesus so they could know him. So many people have never experienced the Joy of being the witness of God for the same reason. The true witnesses have a message that sets the captive free. Thank you for this message.

    1. Thanks Henry for your comment. It is easier than people think to act like Pilate and then think they are right with God. The only safe place to be is clinging to Jesus with all that is within us and loving Him with all of our being.

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