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2 thoughts on “Ephesians 1:9-12 Part 5”

  1. 2 Timothy 4:3. “Occasionally visitors would ask, ‘Why are there not more people visiting this church now? Why have you a congregation of only hundred?’ I explained that the reason why people don’t flock to this congregation is because they hear the sound of nails being driven into wood.” -Rex Andrews

    Please do not stop speaking the truth in love. Both Peter and Paul had no problems doing this (2 Peter 1:12, Philippians 3:1). Those that truly need to genuinely pursue the Lord need to have this, and will stay to learn the Lord’s word through you.

    1. Thanks Derek for the encouragement. What Rex Andrews said is all the more true today given the low moral and spiritual condition of the church-at-large. Many blessings!

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