Ephesians 1:9-12 Part 5

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  1. Derek Bowls
    Derek Bowls says:

    2 Timothy 4:3. “Occasionally visitors would ask, ‘Why are there not more people visiting this church now? Why have you a congregation of only hundred?’ I explained that the reason why people don’t flock to this congregation is because they hear the sound of nails being driven into wood.” -Rex Andrews

    Please do not stop speaking the truth in love. Both Peter and Paul had no problems doing this (2 Peter 1:12, Philippians 3:1). Those that truly need to genuinely pursue the Lord need to have this, and will stay to learn the Lord’s word through you.

    • Glenn Meldrum
      Glenn Meldrum says:

      Thanks Derek for the encouragement. What Rex Andrews said is all the more true today given the low moral and spiritual condition of the church-at-large. Many blessings!


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