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3 thoughts on “Character and God’s Power Part 14”

  1. I am so blessed an encouraged by this message. Glenn always speaks the whole truth of the word of God which is food for my soul! We are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher! You are going to want to hear this series of messages many times!

  2. When recently discussing the absolute deception and delusion so pandemic in the American church, someone asked me how we plan on helping them to see. I first responded, “How do you explain the color red to a blind man?” Glenn, in this crucial series, exegetically explains the pure color of Christ-like character, which is a non-negotiable essential for the believer. Our prayer for the blind American church–along with the blind being led by them–should incessantly be that of the Prophet Elisha to his unbelieving servant, “Lord open [their] eyes so that [they] may see” (2 Ki. 6:17).

    Radical Truth, or Ridiculous Travesty? The choice is ours. Thank you Glenn and Jessica for teaching and exhorting us to “Do everything for the WELL DONE!”

    1. Glenn Meldrum

      Thank you David for your encouraging words. At times it can seem like there are so few that are faithfully proclaiming the truth and then the Lord reminds me that He has thousands upon thousands that have not bowed their heart and will to the god of this world.

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