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Life of the Early Church

Life of the Early Church Part 8

This is the eighth and final part of this study on the Life of the Early Church. In this episode Glenn will teach on the fruit that came out of the early church’s devotion to Jesus. The application of these Biblical and historical truths for our lives have the potential to birth the same kind of spiritual and moral revolution that it did in the days of the early church. All God is looking for is saints who will say, “Here I am. Send me.”

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Life of the Early Church Part 7

The saints of the early church were a people set on fire for God. What was one of the primary reasons those early believers turned the world upside down? They were truly devoted to prayer. In this podcast we will examine the subject of pray and how we should be devoted to it just as much as those first disciples were. Our lack of devotion to prayer is leaving the church spiritually barren. It is time we repent of the horrendous sin of prayerlessness and return to the New Testament faith that is the only standard for true believers to live.

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Life of the Early Church Part 5

The Life of the Early Church is a study examining what caused those early saints to see the power of the Holy Spirit poured out as described in the book of Acts. God is not a respecter of persons. If He poured out Pentecostal power 2000 years ago in ancient Israel then He can do it now if we will meet the conditions of revival that God’s Word clearly reveals. In this episode we will learn about how those early believers were devoted to God, and as a result, to each other. May God do this in our time.

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Life of the Early Church Part 2

Biblical Christianity is radical! To this we are called and the true faith has not changed in 2000 years. This is also true when it comes to the baptism in the Holy Spirit. As real and needed as the baptism in the Spirit was for the early church so it is for us. This study will demonstrate why and how God wants to restore to the church the full Gospel.

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