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2 thoughts on “Beauty of God”

  1. Psalm 145:3 . I remember when I was finally starting to emerge from the pit of sin and indulgence, and, in the freedom of my newfound faith, felt that things were going my way, as if though I had this all figured out. Like I had God figured out. Then, through godly messengers, God tested my little faith to determine if I really, totally relied on Him. To put my response short, I failed miserably! It was like the seed that was scattered on the rocks with shallow soil! I realized, looking back, that it’s foolish to try to even scratch the surface of how great He really is.

    1. Thanks Derek for your honest response. In the true Biblical faith we should always be growing in greater knowledge of who God is and this should make us stand in awe of Him more and more. Jesus is worth the pursuit. Blessings!

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