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Rescue the Perishing

Book of Acts Part 36 – 14:19-15:3

In this lesson we will study the revival that came to Lystra and the persecution that broke out, where Paul was stoned to death. Some believers gathered around him and he came back to life. Then Paul and Barnabas went to Derbe and the revival spread through that city. The two apostles then traveled to their home church in Antioch, Syria. This was a very exciting time for Paul and Barnabas.

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Gospel of Luke Part 14 – 4:17-18

This lesson will look at the Radical Jesus making a very bold declaration in His hometown synagogue. Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1 and then proclaimed that He was the fulfillment of that prophesy about the promised Messiah. We will also look at how this prophesy speaks to the life of those who are true followers of Jesus. This is a good lesson so don’t miss it.

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