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Book of Acts Part 22 – 8:18-27

Simon the sorcerer is the topic of this lesson. He was a man that had great demonic power, but when he saw the signs and wonders the Lord was doing through Philip, he got saved and baptized in water. When Peter and John went to Samaria to help Philip with the revival, Peter rebuked Simon for wanting to buy the gift of God. This is a very interesting message.

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Book of Acts Part 9 – 2:41-42

We are only going to dig into two verses in this lesson. They contain some of the fruit that came out of the Day of Pentecost as seen in Acts chapter two. There are two points that stand out. The first is the power of the Holy Spirit that brought 3000 souls to Christ and the second is the devotion those early saints had for Jesus. This is a very important lesson to understand and apply to our lives.

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