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Gospel of Luke Part 14 – 4:17-18

This lesson will look at the Radical Jesus making a very bold declaration in His hometown synagogue. Jesus quoted Isaiah 61:1 and then proclaimed that He was the fulfillment of that prophesy about the promised Messiah. We will also look at how this prophesy speaks to the life of those who are true followers of Jesus. This is a good lesson so don’t miss it.

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Biblical Inner Healing Part 2

In part two of this lesson on Biblical inner healing we will briefly examine Psalm 30 and learn how this chapter relates to the subject in question. A practical layman’s approach to true Biblical healing will then be examined. An interesting theme that runs through this two part study is that of worship. God created us to worship and if we worship anything other than God our lives will be negatively affected. With the right worship of God comes deep inner healing. Learn how worship is an integral part of obtaining true Biblical healing for our inward life.

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Biblical Inner Healing Part 1

In part one of this teaching on Biblical inner healing we will establish the need for such healing. We will then examine some of the errors on the pop teachings of inner healing and then see how these teachings are purposely absent in the Scriptures. The world does not have an answer to our suffering and need for inner healing. As people get deeper into sin the pain and suffering sin produces is more acutely felt. However, Jesus Christ has the only remedy to our pain and need of inner healing. At the foot of the cross we will find a Savior that is able to heal and transform our lives.

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A Presence Driven Church Part 3

In this final lesson on “A Presence Driven Church” we will study the idea that when a church is presence driven she will do the most good for the Kingdom of God. The spiritual, emotional, intellectual and relational healing that people need cannot come from the world, but only through Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit. The more the Spirit is in the church the greater healing will take place in the lives of people. And the greater the Spirit works in and through individual believers the greater the work can be accomplished through him or her. This teaching will help you be such a person and help you build such a church.

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