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The Gospel of John Part 14 – Jn. 4:25-42

This is part two of the story about the woman at the well that is found in chapter four of the Gospel of John. We will be studying verses 25-42 where we will see the Samaritan woman be shocked by Jesus’ bold confession that He was the long anticipated Messiah. By reaching out to one woman Jesus was able to reach a whole town as authentic revival swept through the area. We will also deal with some very radical teaching Jesus presents to His disciples that takes place in the middle of His ministry to the Samaritans. This message will definitely stir you.

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In 1997 the Lord graciously called my wife and I into the ministry of the evangelist. We live in a motorhome and travel across the nation preaching at churches, camp meetings and conferences. No matter how busy we get there always seems to be a few holes in our schedule. Major holidays are difficult to …

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