Dear Friend,

To help you become a faithful listener to The Radical Truth podcast, I would like to make the process of signing up and listening as easy as possible. There are four ways this can be accomplished.

#1 Listen to it directly from my web site or iTunes.

Pick a convenient time each week, go to my web site at and listen to the most recent podcast. Or go to iTunes and fill in the search for The Radical Truth. Unfortunately, two options come up; pick the podcast done by Glenn Meldrum (The other option is a new age eastern mystic, the “Great Avataric Sage”—whatever that means). You can also put in the search on iTunes Glenn Meldrum and you will only get me.

#2 Subscribe through iTunes.

If you already have iTunes on your computer or device all you need to do is click the “Subscribe with iTunes” button on my web site and follow the simple instructions. Each week when a new podcast is released iTunes will automatically email you or download the podcast if your computer or device is connected to the internet.

If you do not have iTunes on your computer or device you can download the program for free. Just click this link and follow the simple instructions given by iTunes. Once iTunes is installed, go to my web site and subscribe to The Radical Truth podcast as outlined above. You should never need to set it up again unless you get a new computer or device.

There is one drawback to iTunes; they do not have a program that works on Android operating systems. If you have a Windows based PC or any Apple device you will not have a problem.

#3 Subscribe through Google Play.

This is how Android users can easily subscribe to the podcast for free. First enable the Google Play app on your phone or device and update. If you do not have the app then go to Google’s store and download it for free (you may have to set up a Google account). Once the app is installed open it. You will first see Google Play’s page that wants you to pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads, just click “No thanks” in the bottom left corner of the page. Now click the search icon in the upper right corner (it looks like a magnifying glass). Type in the search line my name, Glenn Meldrum and click The Radical Truth podcast icon (do not select “SUBSCRIBE” in the blue banner at this point). Now as you scroll down you can select that subscribe button. You will be asked to choose an auto-download to your device or to receive notification via email sent to you when the podcast is released. That is all.

#4 Subscribe through an RSS feed.

This is a little more complicated than subscribing to iTunes or Google Play but you do not need a computer science degree to accomplish it. Follow the instructions and don’t be afraid, your computer will not blow up. Here is the principle; once you subscribe using an RSS feed you will be sent an email every time a new podcast is released (no junk mail included). When you receive that email reminder you can click the link to listen to The Radical Truth podcast. You should never have to fuss with it again unless you get a new email address.

So, here are the instructions. Go to my web site at and click the “Subscribe with RSS” button. You will be taken to a new page designed just for signing up to the RSS feed. If you already use any of the web-based news readers that are listed, all you have to do is click the reader you use, fill in the appropriate information and follow the instructions.

If you do not use any of those news readers you can do this through your email account (this is how I did it). First click the “View Feed XML” link on the subscribe page for The Radical Truth. On the next page find “Subscribe to this podcast using.” You will see a button next to it which reads “Live Bookmarks”. If you regularly use Live then all you will need to do is select the “Subscribe Now” button. If you do not use Live, click the “Live Bookmark” button and pick “Choose Application”. In the pane that pops up go to your C: drive on your computer and open the folder called “Program Files”. Once you open that folder look for the folder that has the name of your email program (example, Monzilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express). Open that folder and look for the program icon and click that. Now that program name should appear in the button that once said “Live Bookmark” (if it is not, then the program you picked will not work, so try again). Now select the “Subscribe Now” button and you should be done.

Note: Apple users may not be able to subscribe this way but you should already have iTunes so this is not necessary for you.

Hope one of these worked for you without too much stress or hair loss. Contact me if you have any problems and I will try to help.

Blessings in Christ’s name,