A CULTURE OF VIOLENCE / by Glenn Meldrum

What a hypocritical nation America has become. We have developed a culture that loves violence while simultaneously condemning it. Violence permeates the very fabric of our nation and the entertainment industry is one of its primary propagators. What hypocrisy!   Read More >>>

CHARACTER MATTERS / by Glenn Meldrum

While in the midst of preaching a series of meetings at a church the pastor came to my motorhome for a visit. He apologized for not coming by earlier but had two marital counseling sessions that took his entire morning. One of the couples had a fight the night before where they physically beat each other . . .  Read More >>>

CRISIS IN THE CHURCH / by Glenn Meldrum

The spiritually bankrupt condition of the church at large compels me to proclaim that we are in desperate need of another Great Reformation; a spiritual revolution that will take us back to our Biblical roots where we will recover once again the true Christian faith.   Read More >>>


One of the great truths of the Gospel is that Jesus purchased humanity with His own blood so they could walk triumphantly over the power of sin.  Tragically though, there are many who never overcome habitual sin because they get stuck in a rut of apathy and hopelessness.   Read More >>>


Una de las grandes verdades del Evangelio es que Jesús compró la humanidad con Su propia sangre para que pudiéramos caminar triunfantes sobre el poder del pecado. Trágicamente, hay muchos que nunca superan el hábito del pecado porque se atascaron en una ruta de apatía y desesperanza. Read More >>>

EVERYMAN’S WAR / by Glenn Meldrum

Whether we like it or not, or for that matter, even acknowledge it or not, there is a spiritual war raging all around us at this very moment. This war is no less real then those that nations fight. The implications of natural war are temporal, nations either rise or fall. However, the consequences of this spiritual war are eternal.   Read More >>>

FASTING, PART 1 – FASTING MAKES ME HUNGRY / by Glenn & Jessica Meldrum

“I fasted once but it made me hungry so I haven’t done it since.”  This humorous, yet illogical statement was actually made to us by a Christian woman while discussing the topic of fasting. She went on to explain that if Christians went on God ordained fasts they should never feel hungry.   Read More >>>

FASTING, PART 2 – SHOW ME YOUR GLORY / by Glenn  & Jessica Meldrum

The ultimate prize we are to seek through fasting and prayer is Christ Himself. That is why we must guard our hearts when we practice the disciplines Christ demands of us lest they become dead religious practices. Jesus must always be the ultimate prize we seek, even when we are interceding for the needs of others.   Read More >>>

FASTING, PART 3 – A FASTED LIFESTYLE / by Glenn & Jessica Meldrum

What is a lifestyle of fasting? It is applying Jesus’ teachings regarding the wise use of this world’s material goods in living out our everyday lives for the purpose of bringing Him glory. Through submission to Christ we are compelled to live simply so we will have more to give to missions, churches, the poor or to needs He shows us.   Read More >>>

GET WHAT YOU DESERVE / by Glenn Meldrum

“Where are the men of God? Where are the pastors that fearlessly preach the Word through the love of God? What happened to churches that love your presence more than popularity, finances or buildings? Where are the men of God that can marshal a spiritual army and lead them into winning a perishing world?”   Read More >>>

I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR / by Glenn Meldrum

The starting point for overcoming sin and our self-life is to know the wonder of Christ as Lord. From that vantage point we can begin to comprehend our weakness and tremendous neediness. It is actually a great gift to see our neediness since we are not naturally predisposed to recognize it.   Read More >>>

LIES OF TOLERANCE / by Glenn Meldrum

God is truly the only tolerant being. He tolerates our sin while calling us to repent. His tolerance is never a justification of sin, for He is also the Just Judge. The wages of sin will be distributed with eternal justice unless the sinner turns from his sin through repentance. God’s tolerance gives us space to repent.   Read More >>>

LOVERS OF TRUTH / by Glenn Meldrum

It takes a passionate love for God and His Word to develop in us the motivating force to “hate every wrong path.” It is God’s will that we become lovers of truth so that we will not be partakers of evil. If we do not hate evil then we will not have a strong enough incentive to turn from evil in our actions, thoughts and desires.   Read More >>>

OBEDIENCE / by Glenn Meldrum

The church at large has erroneously believed that total obedience to God is not a compulsory requirement of discipleship. By perverting the love of God, we have concocted a deviant form of Christianity in which we claim that God would never impose upon His people the stringent obligation of absolute obedience.  Read More >>>


A simple examination of the life of Christ will reveal that everything about Jesus was radical—His incarnation, life, teaching, death and resurrection. . . this radical Jesus clearly commanded His followers to live like He did.  This necessitates that Biblical Christianity is utterly radical in all of its demands . . .  Read More >>>

REVIVAL; GOD’S WAY OR MAN’S / by Glenn Meldrum

I ache to see authentic revival But I am weary of man-made versions. After seeing genuine revival, the counterfeit appears even uglier than before. I long to see revivals such as the Hebrides Awakening or the 1857 Prayer Meeting Revival. Both of these revivals were free from the arrogance of man and superstar preachers.   Read More >>>


The Lord uses suffering to conform us into the “image of His Son” (Rom. 8:29). The Great Physician will skillfully use His scalpel to cut out of us the evil that is so interwoven into our nature. But we must yield to His handiwork and surrender to His will or we will suffer under the ravages of our unconquered characters.   Read More >>>

THRONE OF GRACE / by Glenn Meldrum

There is a right and wrong way to approach the King of Kings. The Savior is not a cruel, moody or quickly angered lord. With confidence we can approach His throne so long as we are rightly clothed in humility, holiness and godly fear. He has made Himself approachable because He desires our nearness.   Read More >>>

UNREDEEMABLE / by Glenn Meldrum

There are cultures and nations that are simply not redeemable. This means that they have collectively crossed a line in the practice of evil where they refuse to turn from their sin and are therefore left to God’s wrath. Because a culture becomes unredeemable does not imply that individuals within that culture cannot be saved.  Read More >>>

VOICES / by Glenn Meldrum

Far too often, when the Almighty speaks, we choose not to listen or selectively hear what we want.  What causes us to ignore God’s voice and yet be in tune with the voices of this world?  We have immersed ourselves in the language and love of this world—what they are we have become.   Read More >>>


Far too often, when the Almighty speaks, we choose not to listen or selectively hear what we want.  What causes us to ignore God’s voice and yet be in tune with the voices of this world?  We have immersed ourselves in the language and love of this world—what they are we have become.   Read More >>>


A VISION / by General William Booth

My friends in Christ, you are rescued from the waters. You are on the rock. He is in the dark sea calling on you to come to Him and help Him. Will you go? Look for yourselves. The surging sea of like crowded with perishing multitudes rolls up to the very spot on which you stand.   Read More >>>

THE MEN GOD HAS USED / by Horatius Bonar

Let us look for a little at the instruments and their success. Let us note their character and contemplate their success. They were men of like passions as we are, yet how marvelously blest in their labors! Whence, then, came their vast success? What manner of men were they? What weapons did they employ?   Read More >>>